"Too Long an Autumn" by Jimmie Chinn
Directed by Tracey Woods
October 2008

Foreground: Charlotte Mountain as "Maisie May"
Background: Claire Christie as "Ursula", Al Burr as "Arnold"

Maisie May has a vision of her Dad (Martin Carr)

Ursula and Arnold are unmoved by the entreaties of "Miss Tate" (Fiona Brownhill)

"Dora", played by Vicci Elsegood, shares a contemplative moment with "Maisie May"

"Arnold" remains unimpressed with "Miss Tate"

Impresario, "Christopher Tavistock-Smyth" (Paul Woods) turns on the charm for "Miss Tate"

"Christopher" and "Maisie May" are dismayed by "Ursula's" phone call.

"Waiting For You My Dear"

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