"Bluebeard" by Paul Reakes
Directed by Tracey Woods
Musical Director - Clare Penny
Jan/Feb 2011

The Cast of Bluebeard

The opening number

Zee Fletcher as 'Flora Rockbottom'

Flora with the chorus

Jamie Halls as 'The Butcher' with Al Whitehead as 'Robin Reliant'

The shopkeepers demand payment

Love blooms for Robin and Flora

Flora is lovestruck

Paul Woods as 'Ruby Rockbottom'

Ruby with her shopping

It's a hard knock life being poor!

Dawn Stewart as 'Carrie' and Mick Elsegood as 'Fetch'

Tony Gilbert as 'Eli Rockbottom' emerges from his hiding place in the laundry basket.

Fetch, Carrie and Eli discuss their financial situation.

The shopkeepers (Jamie Halls, Kirbi Anderson and Kayleigh McConachie) still want their money

Bluebeard (Martin Carr) and his faithful minion Lurkin (John Crees-Turner)

Ruby has taken a shine to Bluebeard's money!


Eli finds Bluebeard's intentions amusing.

The Chorus dancing.

The Happening.

Flora in a thoughtful mood.

Ruby rests on the way to Bluebeard's Castle.

Having doubts about Bluebeard's intentions.

"Come on Flora Lass!"

Ruby isn't too keen on Lurkin.

"He's behind you!!!"

Katie Matthew as 'Marie', the kitchen maid

Vicci Elsegood as'Mrs Shivers'

"Listen vey carefully - I shall say zis only once!"

Ruby and Flora with Mrs Shivers

'Ready Steady Cook' was never like this!


Ruby and the others about to burst into song!

Robin disguised as a troubadour

Robin serenades Flora as Bluebeard looks on suspiciously

The Chorus as Troubadours

Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!!!

"Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight for this love!!"

The lift!!!!

Robin reveals himself to Flora, Fetch & Carrie

"Ooh La La!!"

Marie warns the others about Bluebeard's shenanigans

Marie uses her feminine wiles to get around Lurkin

Ruby is ready for bed

Ruby remonstrates with Eli in the bedroom

Bluebeard snatches Flora

Bluebeard is cornered

Mrs Shivers reveals herself to be 'Jemima Blond' - special agent!

Everyone sings for joy!

Don't Stop Believing!

The Chorus

Fetch and Carrie

Bluebeard and Lurkin

Marie and Jemima

Ruby taking a close interest in the Musical Director, Clare penny

Robin and Flora

The Rockbottom family and staff!

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