"Bride or Groom?" by Bill Cashmore & Andy Powrie
Directed by Tracey Woods
October 2008

The start of the play - or is it the end?

In the foreground (in a car), Mick Elsegood as "Terrence" and Sandy Monkman as "Louise".
In the background (in a van), Martin Carr as "Steve" and Nichola Gillott as "Vicky".

Difficult decisions in the "Little Chef"

"Terrence" attempts 'the old leg trick' while he and "Steve" try to hitch a lift.

"Steve" and "Terrence" in a pensive mood at the railway station.

The mood lightens when they hear that the train is about to arrive.

Much to the amusement of "Vicky", "Steve" takes a slow-motion tumble.

More slow-motion shenanigans.

The race to the church approaches a conclusion.

All smiles as the bride makes her entrance.

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