"The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
Directed by Chrissy Ashton
June 2011

The Opening scene with Clare Penny as 'Tituba'

The Reverend Samuel Parris (Paul Woods) is concerned about his daughter, Betty (Joanna Monkman)

Parris maintains a bedside vigil for the stricken Betty.

Thomas and Ann Puttnam (Al Carle and Pauline Wheat) arrive to see Betty fly.

L to R: Giles Corey (John Crees-Turner), Rebecca Nurse (Beth Cullen), Betty Parris, Thomas Puttnam, Ann Puttnam, Rev Parris.

The girls visit Betty. L to R: Mary Warren (Jeanette Kendall), Susannah Walcott (Abigail Russell), Abigail Williams (Kirbi Anderson), Mercy Lewis (Melissa Carr)

Abigail warns the frightened Betty to remain silent.

John Proctor (Martin Carr) with Giles Corey.

Proctor confronts Parris.

The Reverend Hale (Nathan Wedge) attempts to drive the devil out of Tituba

Hale encourages Tituba to confess her sins.

Tituba tells of the white witches.

Betty wakes!

Abigail opens herself.

The girls (including Sarah Monkman as Ruth Puttnam)

Elizabeth Proctor (Zee Fletcher) with her husband, John.

Mary Warren in the Proctor's house.

Francis Nurse (Peter Crees-Turner) and Giles Corey visit the Proctors

Ezekiel Cheever (Thomas Penny) arrives with a warrant.

Judge Danforth (Tony Gilbert) at the courthouse with Rev Parris

The final scene

The Cast

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