"Look, No Hans!" by John Chapman and Michael Pertwee

Directed by Tracey Woods

November 2002

Standing L to R: Nicky Lally, Sandra Anderson
Sitting L to R: Dolina Boynton, John Raine, Paul Woods, Brian Jiggins, Nikki Johnson

Brian Jiggins as "Kurt"

Paul Woods as "Peter Fisher", Sandra Anderson as his wife, "Monica"

Dolina Boynton as "Heidi", making a move on Fisher


Ooh Peter!!

Nikki Johnson as "Mitzi" being hidden by Fisher


John Raine as "Cadwallader" making a point to Fisher

"I can explain........"

Nicky Lally as "Tregunter-Jones" with a confused Fisher

"Now this lady is a plastic surgeon....."


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