"Out of Order" by Ray Cooney

Directed by Nicky Lally

October 1999

This play was awarded second place in the

1999 RAF UK Drama Competition

The best side of Mick Stephens!

L to R: Lisa Pitter as "Jane Worthington", John Raine as "George Pigeon", Geoff Hall as "The body", Mick Elsegood as "Ricahrd Willey"

Vicci Matheson as "Gladys" and John Raine

Mick Elsegood and Carlton Clarke as "The Waiter"

L to R: John Raine, Kenny Bell as "The manager", Mick Stephens as "Ronnie Worthington"

L to R: Lesley Goldberg as "Pamela Willey", Mick Elsegood, Carlton Clarke, Sylvia Nagle as "The maid"


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