"Waiting for Pierrepoint" by Paul Beard
Directed by Tracey Woods
October 2009

The Cast
Standing L to R: Zee Russell (The Wife), Martin Carr (The Father), Janette Hendry (The Mother)
Sitting: Paul Woods (John Reginald Halliday Christie)

The Father as 'Judge Finnemore' pronounces the verdict on John Christie

John Christie muses on his fate.

The Mother as 'Muriel Eady' discusses her catarrh.

Muriel Eady struggles in vain as Christie gasses her.

Christie is troubled by visions of his victims, Muriel Eady and Ruth Fuerst.

Christie gives his version of the death of Beryl Evans to her husband, Timothy Evans

The Father as 'Timothy Evans' is upset and confused.

The Mother tries to prevent the father from beating the young John Christie.

Christie's wife, Ethel, returns to him in a vision.

His wife then confronts him with the unsavoury truth.

The Father as 'Malcolm Morris K.C. cross-examines Christie in court.

Christie offers his services to Rita Nelson.

Kathleen Maloney, another victim tries to make Christie face the truth.

Christie remains unmoved.

The end nears for Christie.

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