"Purvis" by Nick Warburton
Directed by Tracey Woods
November 2012 (Buccaneer Theatre Club)
February 2013 (Florians Theatre, Inverness - SCDA District Round)
March 2013 (Elgin Town Hall - Moray Arts Club Drama Festival)

The set - a church vestry

Purvis (Paul Woods) and Rachel (Charlotte Mountain) meet for the first time.

Purvis and Rachel discuss his new role as Health & Safety Officer

The first 'incident'!

Purvis demonstrates his latest initiative

"Mind the Step!"

Rachel is dismayed.

Purvis reassures Rachel

Mrs Armitage (Ally Ferguson) arranging the flowers

Aerobic hymn singing!

Rachel isn't convinced

Rachel takes evasive action!

"I bet we couldn't do that again in a month of Sundays!!"

Rachel reads Edward's letter

Smiles all round!!

The adjudicator at the SCDA District Festival (Bruce Adam) about to get more than he bargained for after declaring 'Purvis' the winning play!

The cast at the Elgin Town Hall just before their prize winning performance at the Moray Arts Festival

The Moray Arts Club Festival trophy winners.
Back Row L to R - Sandy Dow (EADS), Jacky & Eddie Pratt (EADS), Grant Jamieson (EADS)
Front Row L to R - Phil Dacre (Moray Arts), Jan Weir (EADS), Silvie Taylor (Adjudicator), Tracey Woods (Moray Arts Drama Convener/Buccaneer Theatre Club)

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