"Sinbad the Sailor" by Paul Reakes
Directed by Vicci Elsegood & Val Robinson
Musical Director - Clare Penny
January/February 2010

The Cast

The Opening chorus of townsfolk

Paul Woods as 'Dame Semolina Sinbad'

Dawn Stewart as 'The Grand Vizier' and Mick Elsegood as the evil magician, 'Vazar'

Semolina and her son, the heroic 'Sinbad', played by Al Whitehead

The Mate (Chris Hewett) and the Captain (Tony Gilbert)spring a surprise on Semolina

Monty the Monkey, played by Sarah Monkman, leads Sinbad, the Dame and the Captain in a little dance

The gormless Mr Mate (Chris Hewett)

Princess Yasmin (Kat Everett) with her 3 handmaidens (Aimee Mellor, Melissa Carr and Katie Horton)

Princess Yasmin ponders her future

Sinbad declares his love for Yasmin

The evil Vazar spirits Princess Yasmin away on his flying carpet

Barracuda, the Sea Witch (Charlotte Mountain) joins forces with Vazar

Mrs Sinbad in her role as ship's cook

'A very good ship'

The Dame and Monty decide to go for a swim!

The pirate 'Black Hook' (Martin Carr) with his crew

Barracuda and Vazar continue to plot

Black Hook gathers the captured sailors to sell as slaves

Semolina meets Black Hook for the first time

Dame Semolina performs her 'neurotic dance'

There's more to come off yet!!!

The illuminating finale of the striptease

The Mate and the Captain disguised as Arabs

The slave sale continues

Vazar has bought the slaves

She's behind you!!!!!

Vazar explains his evil plans to Princess Yasmin

The Skeleton guardians of the Valley of the Skulls

Vazar takes the Princess to the Valley of the Skulls as the Valley Dwellers look on

Sandy Monkman as 'The Genie of the Ring'

The Genie casts her spell to send everyone home safely

The Genie wreaks her revenge on the pair of baddies

Monty and Mrs Sinbad entertain the audience with the help of their toy camel

The Finale

The Finale

The Finale

Our esteemed directors, Val Robinson and Vicci Elsegood as the Dancing Girls of Cairo

Musical Director Clare Penny at her piano

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