"Lend Me A Tenor" by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Tracey Woods

June 2004

Northern Scot pre-show article

Maggie (Kate Ryan) with Max (Ade Chapman)

Maggie and her father, Saunders (Paul Woods)

Saunders explains something to Max

Tito Merelli (Chris Hewett) and his wife Maria (Clare Penny) appear on the scene

The Bellhop (Brian Jiggins) "entertains" Maria

Tito is feeling unwell

Maria tries to make Tito feel better

Tito and Max sing a duet

The glamorous soprano Diana (Vicci Elsegood)

A present from Diana

Julia (Janette Hendry), Chairman of the Opera Guild

Saunders breaks the bad news

Max (dressed as Tito dressed as Otello)serenades Maggie

Realisation dawns on Saunders

Julia isn't sure

Diana, ready for the reception

Diana with a very confused Tito

The Bellhop talks to Max as Saunders looks on

Fun and frolics with Diana and Tito!

Simultaneous fun and frolics with Maggie and Max!!

Now there's gonna be trouble!

The final showdown

Charity presentation

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