"Thermal Underwear" by Andrew Davies
Directed by Tracey Woods
October 2009

The Set

Elaine (Charlotte Mountain) surveys the scene before the start of the festivities.

Bob (Mick Elsegood) rifles through Elaine's handbag whilst his Mother and Father-in-law (John Raine and Vicci Elsegood) sit and wait.

Elaine is finally dressed but she's not happy!

Shirley (Ellen Stewart) arrives and attempts to cheer Bob up.

Gareth (Paul Woods) arrives with a little something for his parents on their Ruby wedding anniversary.

Bob and Gareth have an 'interesting' chat.

Shirley asks Bob very nicely to open the champagne.

"Mum and Dad - forty years together!"

Gareth attempts to explain why his wife is absent.

Elaine is not too pleased about the rat conversation.

Everyone is bored by Dad's holiday story.

"Where's that water coming from?"

Shirley and Elaine after having found out where the water was coming from!

It's all too much for the wet and dishevelled Elaine.

Mum tries to console Elaine.

Bob, Gareth and Shirley are puzzled by the outburst.

Dad explains a few facts of life to Bob.

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