"Trivial Pursuits" by Frank Vickery

Directed by Tracey Woods

October 1997

This play was the winning entry in the 1997 RAF UK Drama Competition. It was the first time that the Buccaneer Theatre Club had entered this competition.

The Cast

Standing L to R: Mike Hardwick as "Nick", Rachel Mitchell as "Jessica", John Raine as "Teddy", Sandra Anderson as "Mona", Mick Elsegood as "Eddie"

Sitting L to R: Janette Hendry as "Deidre", Karen Beale as "Roz", Vicci Matheson as "Joyce", Paul Woods as "Derek", Sylvia Nagle as "Pearl"


L to R: Sandra Anderson, Sylvia Nagle, Janette Hendry, John Raine, Karen Beale, Vicci Matheson


L to R: Sylvia Nagle, John Raine, Vicci Matheson, Paul Woods

Teddy's grand finale

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