"Unoriginal Sin" by David Tristram
Directed by Vicci Elsegood
June 2008

The Set - A luxury cottage

The Cast

Back L to R: Martin Carr as "Neville", Paul Woods as "Father Tomlin", Al Burr as "Miles"

Front L to R: Claire Christie as "Eve", Mick Elsegood as "Bill", Chrissy Ashton as "Jenny"

"Father Tomlin" (Paul Woods) delivering the Prologue

"Jenny"- played by Chrissy Ashton

The morning after the night before for "Bill" (Mick Elsegood)

Jenny produces photographic evidence of Bill's philandering.

The sweet and innocent "Eve" - played by Claire Christie.

"Miles", the lawyer - played by Al Burr

Miles and Bill in discussion.

Jenny joins the discussion.

Eve returns in the evening to view the cottage.

"Neville" played by Martin Carr

Jenny contemplates having some fun with Neville

Neville is transfixed by Jenny's assets

Jenny engages Neville in some dancing

Eve loses her skirt to a very drunk Neville

Bill signs his life away as Jenny and Miles look on.

Eve confides in Bill.

Eve gets drunk and displays her "thingies"

Bill is concerned as Eve announces that she's about to be sick!

Coffee and Alka Seltzer for the hangover!

Eve discovers the true identity of "Georgina Howard"

Father Tomlin pontificates to Bill

Father Tomlin ensuring that Bill gets the message!

Eve hides as Father Tomlin makes an unscheduled reappearance.

All hell breaks loose!!

Neville examines the damge to his badminton racket

Eve and Father Tomlin ponder the situation.

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