"Kids" by John Morgan

Directed by Tracey Woods

February/March 2002

This is the 1 Act play that was entered in the 2002 SCDA 1 Act Festival. Not only was it awarded the "Douglas Hunter Rosebowl" as Moray District festival winners but it also won the "Vera Hallett Trophy" for the team with the highest mark in acting.

This picture shows the cast and producer of "Kids" with their trophies,
being congratulated by the Station Commander, Gp Capt Hillier

The Cast of "Kids"
(Top to Bottom) Claire Nagle, Paul Woods, Brian Jiggins, Nicky Lally, Tracy Home

Tracy Home as "The Baby" (aged 6 months)

Paul Woods as "Johnny" (aged nearly 3)

Brian Jiggins as "Sam" (aged almost 5)

Claire Nagle as "Wendy" (aged 7)

Nicky Lally as "Ellie" (aged 9)

Our favourite photo!!

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