"Tons of Money" by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Tracey Woods

October 2001

Lisa Pitter as "Louise Allington" and Paul Woods as "Aubrey Allington"

"Aubrey", "Louise" and Brian Jiggins as "James Chesterman"

L to R: Nicky Lally as "Giles", Claire Nagle as "Simpson", Pete Wright-Gardner as "Sprules", Paul Woods as "Aubrey", Tracey Home as "Benita Mullett", Dolina Boynton as "Jean Everard"

"Chesterman", "Louise" and "Aubrey"

Sitting: "Jean" and John Raine as "Henery"

John Raine(L) as "Henery" and Al Reeves as "George Maitland"

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